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19-Apr-2017 02:55

Gay men at high risk because their partner has HIV are now tested every three months, and are immediately offered anti-viral drugs if they test positive.

The figures also showed an 18 per cent decrease in HIV cases overall, from 6,286 in 2015 to just 5,164 last year.

Experts said the rise of HIV in older people was driven by heterosexual sex and could be due to a surge in ‘silver splitters’ – people over 50 who are newly single after leaving long-term relationships.

An estimated 36.7 million adults and children worldwide have HIV, including at least 88,800 in the UK and reportedly 1.2 million in the US.

It argued because it is a preventative medicine, it should be funded by local councils.

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Reckless sexual behaviour by divorcees is behind an increase in HIV cases among the over-50s, a major study suggested last month.Dr Delpech said: 'Our success in reducing transmission is due to high levels of condom use among gay men, and a sharp rise in the number of men testing for HIV each year, with those at greatest risk testing more frequently.'Early diagnosis is also key to making sure that people benefit from HIV treatments so they can live long and healthy lives and are protected from passing on the virus to others.' Gay and bisexual men are most susceptible to catching HIV because anal sex carries a 10 times higher risk of infection than vaginal.