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As an earnest young lefty I was taught that generals like war, that businessmen like free markets, that Christians think everyone else is going to hell, and that Republicans are conservative ideologues. Roger Ailes, for instance, was a Republican but he wasn't an ideologue. His boss the governor endorsed him, and so did nearly every Democrat in the state legislature. He might even use words like "perforce." Not r Read more Editor's note: This month marks the twentieth anniversary of the death of Chicago newspaper and syndicated columnist Mike Royko, a fixture of the Windy City's media for more than three decades. ” That's the question that raced through the language snob community late last month. We was—no, we were —reacting to a bit of shoptalk from the editors of The Associated Press Stylebook .

Even the state's hard-charging and ambitious attorney general, his only plausible rival for Read more Philadelphia As the chief historian at the new Museum of the American Revolution, which opened April 19 in this city’s historic district, Philip Mead had the job of writing the museum's explanatory labels—those little signs next to an exhibit that tell you what you're looking at. in American history from Harvard, and, perforce, he writes like a guy with a Ph. The Chicago Tribune , Royko's final professional stop, called him the "voice" of the city in its obituary; Studs Terkel once said, "Mike was Chicago." THE WEEKLY STANDARD'S Andrew Ferguson, a former Chicago resident, remembered Royko in an article entitled "S. The importance and influence of The AP Stylebook extend far beyond the wire service's own wordslingers.

Nowak, who declined to be interviewed for this articl Read more Every few weeks, it seems, a new crack appears in the seemingly impenetrable wall of social-science dogma.

The latest appeared last month with the publication of a paper by the well-known research psychologist Scott Lilienfeld, a professor at Emory University and coauthor of the indispensable primer 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology .

By his own admission, he would sometimes get carried away. It is one of the last, widely cited arbiters of what's good English and what ain't, now that most traditional style books, such Read more A few years ago, an adjunct professor and disability-rights activist named Stacy Nowak went to take a look at a college course offered online by the University of California, Berkeley.

The course was called "Journalism for Social Change." Nowak is deaf.

Kempton was the most revered newspaper columnist of his Read more A friend sent me news that E. White’s saltwater farm on the coast of Maine is up for sale, and my mind leapt back nearly 20 years—an impressive leap for a mind in my condition—to a visit I’d made there to mark the 100th anniversary of White’s birth in 1899.

So, start scanning and post a comment below to let us know if there's a different moniker you embrace. Then a clever friend suggested 'contracting' my name, Nancy, with Grandmother, and I'm proud to be called Grancy by three phenomenal young people (boys, 20 and 17, girl, 15). I always called my Grandmother Grammy, and when I had children my Grandmother had passed on so Mother wanted that name.Not Mika’s permafrost hairdo or that come-hither body language. Instead I am gree Read more ONCE AGAIN, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has wormed its way into the news.