Dating someone in a motorcycle club

28-Sep-2017 20:32

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“Because you pray together, it elevates you more than praying by yourself,” he said.This club is, for him, a sangat: a place where he can ask his fellow riders how best to tie a turban to ensure it fits underneath his helmet.In Sikhism there is a concept called sangat, meaning a fellowship of Sikh men and women who meet religiously.Barninder Singh, one of the club’s founders, thinks of sangat as a way to make sense of faith and the way it is lived.The whole crew doesn’t ride together very often: Most just come en masse to the Sikh Day Parade in New York City each spring.This year, the club has had three official rides, and there is a core group of six or seven riders who generally show up.The reason clubs like the Hells Angels or the Bandidos exist is largely for those who don’t fit into society to find a path, a purpose, and a brotherhood in one another.(It’s no coincidence that Bandidos sometimes refer to their weekly chapter gatherings as “church meetings.”) And for these Sikh bikers, their faith is what answers those desires.

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The perpetrator mistook Sodhi for a Muslim, and would later justify his actions by telling police that he was a patriot.

“At the end of the day, it’s my journey,” he said of his faith.