Dating site parents special needs children

22-Feb-2017 08:55

you know there’s going to be a crisis and you’ll have to go back in.

Have professional photos taken so you will always remember that one night you both managed to get out of the house at the same time. Go to a super-loud sporting event so you won’t fall asleep if you sit down for more than a few minutes. Just go sit in the car in the garage for a little while and hold hands …

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Date night is something you figure you’ll get back to sometime, eventually, in the future fantasy world where you are not needed by another small human every second of the day. Do a scavenger hunt going from store to store looking for that one oddball thing your child is obsessed with. Enjoy a meal without constantly having to beg a child to eat or criticize a child’s table manners. Go to a class together to learn how to fold old IEPs into origami.

Still, you know that it’s important to keep your relationship strong.

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If you're raising a child with special needs, you probably devote much of your time and energy to his or her care.