Dating single tired of ugly people

08-Aug-2017 03:05

In my practice I have seen many themes emerge that can explain why people are single when they don’t want to be.

Working to find self-compassion and patience for the reasons you got to this dissatisfying and frustrating place can help you begin to feel less stuck.

It might be time to work on taking a step back, expanding your belief system, reinvigorating your hopefulness, and even opening up the pool in which you’re searching.

Or, you may feel that there just isn’t anyone you have come across that you like enough to partner with.

You might believe perspective partners out there are as picky as you have been, and therefore wouldn’t find you appealing, so again, why not cut it off before it begins?

Another scenario: you may feel like you have already gone through the pack of prospects, none of them worked out and so based on this limited group you are convinced that there is no one right for you out there, therefore, the right person simply doesn't exist.

Furthermore, in your shame, frustration, anger, and despair at having been so badly hurt, you may have lost the incentive (for the time being) to take care of yourself physically, which most certainly makes it more difficult to feel confident in getting out there and meeting someone new.

No matter what, it doesn’t take away from the solid, kind, loving person that you are, and those qualities, whether they are recognized right now by a prospective partner or not are the foundation that will ultimately lead you to a meaningful relationship.While of course there are many, many reasons why you might not be in a relationship right now, we will look at some of the most common themes that contribute to the pain and, at times, shame of being single when you so don’t want to be.

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