Dating sim pee

19-Oct-2016 01:20

Christine has an obvious role to play too, but unlike dates, it's usually best to get the main goal out of the way first.Because wedding starts in the afternoon, the guests are already reasonably taken care of with high need bars.Not so with The Sims 4: everything always happens immediately when you give the command. She tests out the command at night, thinking she will just plan the wedding for the next day.Unfortunately, everyone she invites is teleported to the park in the twilight, so they're starting their “party” by being extremely hungry, tired, and needing to pee. Not a good sign since we're trying to get a solid rating for the social event.She decides not to hire a musician since she doesn't have a piano, but she does hire a mixologist and a caterer.When you hire any of those three positions, note that you can hire someone you already know, or hire an unnamed NPC.It's a little odd to be making a cake for one's own wedding, but the cake is part of a minor wedding goal, so she prepares it now.Next, she saves again, then activates the social planning again.

In previous versions of The Sims, you could plan ahead and figure out when you wanted weddings (and other social engagements) to take place.First, take a look at this screen as she prepares to send out the invitations for the wedding...Although caterers, mixologists, and musicians are not necessary, they will make things more comfortable for the guests.However, they will need the right tools for their job: caterers need access to a kitchen of some sort, the mixologist needs a bar, and the musician needs a piano.

Although Christine originally decided to have the wedding at the park, these requirements make her think twice.

Christine interacts with it and chooses “Get Married.” Here, she then waits: once that command is given, everyone on the lot automatically starts heading to watch.