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28-May-2017 08:52

The room's overall vibe was a mix of an industrial and vintage feel.

Both Casey and Joel, along with the entire production crew, were incredibly nice and down to earth.

I closed my eyes in Dartmouth, woke up behind the wheel A mason jar of memories and four black tires squeal The first and last time that we spoke, you were lighting up a smoke And shit was real The Prisonaires were singing “Just Walking in the Rain” That’s how we got to Memphis and we made it home again Down the highway that I dream, with my blue eyes closed I’ve seen Beyond the frame Oh the good times we had I remember them, lads We could take any turn on a dime Quit reminding me, girl It’s a ragged old world Cause I don’t want to leave it behind No, I don’t want to leave it behind From a gas station in Texas, to the Bay of Fundy mud My mind it goes a wandering with the whiskey in my blood Remembering the chance we had after the dance Before the flood gates opened Reality came rushing in Drowning out the past and chasing it with gin I’ll find that place again, but let me first explain Where do I begin?

Joel Plaskett's letting us drink in a bit of his upcoming Joel Plaskett & the Park Avenue Sobriety Test album early, having just unveiled the nostalgic new single, "On a Dime." The track plays out as a Canadiana-style anthem dedicated to the days of yore, with fiddles and dusty guitar chords colluding beneath Plaskett's vivid impressions of the past.

Once the Etsy segment shoot wrapped up, I got a chance to have dinner and get a quick tour of the Hollywood hills.

Then after a jet-lagged night's sleep, I was on the plane headed back to the East coast almost as quickly as I had departed.

Their favorite collections will be featured on HGTV's blog, Design Happens!

If you're interested in making an inspired Etsy Treasury collection of your own, learn more about how it can be featured on HGTV's blog, here.

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Let’s give him a shot to get the date just for the joy he brings to long-suffering Philly fans.

Within his "mason jar of memories," he details van trips across various stretches of highways, street hockey games in Halifax and more.

"'On a Dime' is a reminiscence of the 'good old days' of the Halifax music scene and the joy of traveling around North America with friends" Plaskett said in a statement, further describing the track as highlighting his "misty water coloured memories." You can stream "On a Dime" right now, but the rest of Joel Plaskett & the Park Avenue Sobriety Test lands March 17 through Pheromone Recordings.

There hasn’t been a ton to smile about in recent years for Sixers fans, despite all the top draft picks. Specifically, Joel Embiid who’s averaging over 18 points, 7 boards, and 2.5 blocks a game while shooting 40 percent from beyond the arc.

So if any player from Philly is going to be an All-Star, it should be Embiid.

Well I promised a follow up and I'm finally excited to share more details! I was at the taping of the episode to help answer any questions about the items featured and Etsy in general while the filming took place among a few other behind the scenes tasks. Once we pulled up to the makeover house, the backyard looked just like a scene from the show — tents popped up with building stations and camera equipment everywhere: Once inside the home, I got a chance to meet the hosts of the show — Casey Noble (who you may recognize as a Design Star finalist) and Joel West.

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