Dating multiple women simultaneously

10-Feb-2017 20:42

So my question to you is what are you saying with your actions?

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Try telling the person that you just “Netflix and Chilled” with that you would see them today, but you have a movie date with someone else. Set “dating” guidelines, and define what dating looks like for you. Take ALL the romantic, touchy-feely stuff out of the equation so lines don’t get crossed or blurred.Also, if you’re not expecting to be “just friends” with someone then you should let them know that the first time you guys talk on the phone or have a cup of coffee.Most of the time people get trapped in the friend zone because they never let their intentions be known from the beginning.We think that just “sex” create soul ties but that is not true.

With that being the case, MEN, we have to make better decisions and not lead women on when it comes to dating.

Women on the other hand, get emotionally involved quickly even if you guys have never kissed. You might not fully agree with this viewpoint but you have to take it into consideration at least. Would you be more careful about how you treated your sister than some random girl?

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