Dating customs colombia

19-Jul-2016 22:36

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Avoid looking like a pendejo by teasing about cocaine with sugar or flour, unless you want others to laugh because she left you in the middle of the date.There’s a lot more interesting things about our culture.Explore the many faces of Colombia on the next page.If you’re a foreigner, don’t talk about clichés like Pablo Escobar, drugs, violence, or the series “Narcos”.

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If you’re lucky, a little affection might turn into the start of a very memorable night.

For many years, however, Colombia's considerable natural gifts were held hostage by civil unrest, powerful drug cartels and homicide rates that were among the highest in the world [source: Frommers].

Luckily, Colombia’s security situation has improved dramatically in recent years.

Trust me; this is the best way to make sure you have a second date and probably a lot more.

She will love your charming accent and think you are the cutest for trying to speak her language.

Catholicism doesn’t get in the way too much of having a good time in Colombia .