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The idea of using a computer for romance worked positively and negatively in the mid 60s.

There was a belief that using computers would take all of the romance out of dating.

and, if you actually talking to a hot girl or guy, there getting paid to do it.

I see you have tried this and it didn’t work for you. (I bet you used to beat up the little MR kids in school.

The road to today’s computer assisted matchmaking began much earlier than most people realize—in the 1960s.

Two Harvard undergraduates were talking on a dateless Saturday night over a few drinks.

I am willing to bet that when some of the numbers that shouldn’t count are weeded out that the sites are running at a 30-40% success rate. if you r computer dating then you r and the other person are guaranteed to be ugly.

other wise you wouldnt spend hours on the computer with some fat old man that you dont know who calls himself brad pitt.

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(3) Dance with your date, smiling weakly, but end the evening as early as possible.

Common, you still laugh about it at night too, don’t cha? ” R they no longer aloud to express how they really feel about a subject?

i believe what she said was the truth and you had no right to tell her different. well i for one think that it is pathetic for you to tease on a 15 year old for simply posting her opinion.

Jeff Tarr and Vaughn Morrill came up with a far-out idea: use a newfangled computer to arrange compatible dates.

Thus was born Operation Match, and as Tarr recalls, “The goal was not to make money but to have some fun and to meet some attractive ladies” David Crump and Douglas Ginsburg (a future Supreme Court nominee) aided Tarr and Morrill in creating a questionnaire.When the personal computer became commonplace people were less resistant to electronic matchmaking. You can always link to our content, but if you wish to repurpose this copyrighted text, you must obtain permission.