Dating antique furniture screws

26-Sep-2017 16:26

If the wood is uniformly 7/8th inch thick, then it is earlier - perhaps 1900 - 1920 (we're not sure of the exact dates) but it is still machined material.

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So if the item is put together with phillips head screws, it's got to be post WW II.

If that is uniform in size, diameter, etc., you can still recognize the piece as new work. Often a hand wrought piece will betray its age by the electric arc welding at the joints. The process is gradual, slowly eating its way into the surface, until their isn't anything left.

Frequently, when we reject an item as not old enough, the dealer says "but it's got rust on it! Rust is caused by oxygen and water chemically reacting with iron to form ferrous oxide, a.k.a. Of course, rust can form over night but at first, it is just surface rust that can be wiped off with your finger.

Naturally, the new smiths make projects modeled after old items.

The usually indicators of age - hand work, design elements, etc.

Deep rust, on the other hand is almost impossible to remove. Fasteners often tell a tale about the pieces they're holding together.