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Participate in a local media campaign, and encourage schools to educate youth about terrorism. It’s normal to have an existential crisis about the purpose of life but don’t lose faith.

Terrorists won’t win when you get on with your life, as New Yorkers did celebrating Halloween and enjoying the city’s weekend marathon. Terror attacks are tragic but not a reason to give up on life, hope and believing in others. Judy Kuriansky and Reporter Jane Valez-Mitchell teaming up?

The two longtime friends are connected in many ways to the play and its themes: Friendship and Family. Judy have been fast friends since 1982 when they were both reporters at WCBS-TV in New York, with ongoing illustrious media careers and interests and expertise in relationships.

Popular clinical psychologist, radio and TV personality and United Nations NGO representative, Dr.

Their mother is an award-winning poet Gloria Vando and their father is music conductor and author Maurice Peress.

Lorca and Anika's maternal grandparents, Anita Velez-Mitchell and Erasmo Vando have their life's work archived in the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College. Judy and Jane are available to speak to you about their involvement in the show and their feelings on friendship and family, and thee topics of their career, getting over addictions, and controversial celebrity trials today (for example, Bill Cosby, for which Dr.

In the wake of the terror attack in New York City, in which an ISIS devotee driving a rented truck mowed down pedestrians and cyclists on the street, killing 8 people before crashing into a school bus and injuring two other adults and two children.

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Called the “deadliest terror attack since 9/11,” the tragedy triggers emotional reactions that can run high and disrupt your life and relationships. These are escalated now, since “new” weapons of terrorists are common items like knives and vehicles rather than guns or suicide vests, and new targets are “soft” – meaning normal people in daily activities -- rather than high profile American symbols like the Twin Towers or the Capital.

I've enclosed the press release for your perusal, and look forward to speaking to you about this unique story angle and exceptional play, being performed Catch limited performances at festival. Press contact: Katie Rosin [email protected], or 917-562-5670 Are Romeo and Juliet dead? Forbidden love is alive and well this summer on stage in a mystical rainforest in an exciting must-see musical, Temple of the Souls, that enchantingly portrays the fate of star-crossed lovers, a native Puerto-Rican Taíno youth and the daughter of a conquistador, that depicts “the tragic consequences of that cultural collision” (Backstage).