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This distinguishes men from beasts.” How girls can avoid the temptation to have sex: “You can avoid temptation by steering clear of situations which can easily lead to unrestrained love-making. If your parents don’t impose a curfew, impose one on yourself.” How boys can avoid the temptation to have sex: Don’t sit around and read junk that fires your imagination and stimulates you sexually. One evening my sons came home with the same exclamation, “It’s amazing how many kids hate their parents!Don’t just sit around with nothing special to do or, even worse, ride around with no destination.Teen-agers should bowl, swim, play tennis, golf, visit museums and art galleries, attend concerts and sports events.Kids seldom do The difference between boys and girls: “Most boys will go as far as they can.They’ll take anything that is offered plus whatever they can talk a girl into giving.And remember, kids are criticized all day by teachers and peers; home should be a haven of acceptance and love (as well as occasional reminders to trim their fingernails). Grilling Them With Questions Perhaps this complaint sounds contradictory to the first. But I think we all know there’s an enormous difference between asking and listening. I can wait.” Without fail, I learn the most from my class when I’m willing to let the room grow silent. When the conversation lulls, simply say, “I’m listening.” That pause, the permission to gather their thoughts, implies safety and leads to real conversation. Telling Embarrassing Stories or Complain About Them Publicly I can scarcely go to any social gathering or social media without hearing someone trash talk their kids.They act like it’s normal to talk about how their kids have ruined their lives.

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Some of Landers’ ideas may sound outmoded today, but at least she refused to delude herself about her audience’s appetite for information.

A sensible way to stay out of trouble is to keep active and busy. 1 indoor sport, you’re playing with fire and you could get badly singed.” Where to neck, if you’re going to do it: “The living room of your own home is the safest place to neck. It goes without saying that a respectable girl never invites a boy into her house unless one or both parents are at home.

If parents have good judgment, they will get lost after saying hello and visiting briefly… A 16-year-old girl should be in the house by midnight and the boy should be on his way by .

People act the way we treat them, and if parents handle kids like they are rotten, they either will be, or they will cut their parents out of their lives.

As one boy told Hans, “My parents’ house is just a place to sleep; why would I want to be in a place where everything I do is wrong? Stereotyping Their Behavior “Teenagers are all crazy/selfish/irresponsible/lazy.” Somehow, it’s socially acceptable to belittle teenagers.Boys are more easily aroused than girls and their sexual demands are likely to be of a more urgent and insistent nature.