Dating a girl who slept with your friend

18-Oct-2017 00:22 friend knew that I had strong feelings for someone and then slept with him, I'd question that friendship. Feel free to elaborate on why you view it as jumping to conclusions because with all due respect, I don't see how that situation could be anything but selfish unless my friend didn't know I had feelings for the person, but as I've stated, that wouldn't be the case, speaking personally. Because in my case, I don't ask someone out unless I want to get serious with them. If I was that guy, the friend that is, I could not do it.I don't really do casual dating, I'd only date if I thought there was a very good chance of developing a long-term relationship... If I knew a friend of mine had some interest in a women but wasn't to sure and I was madly in love with this girl I think I would ask and tell my friend first before I made any move.and maybe that your friend will be telling people that your wife has a watery toto,that he was the one that fcked her and finally pass her to you for marriage,that her pvssy is as wide as a bucket even if he is lying,but some people will still believe him,so tell me will it sound nice?those are some things you need to consider..............where person go see virgin marry nowadays,with all these extra hornyyy girls wey full everywhere and they are fcking like dogs and you are here talking about virgin are you a virgin? Your present girl will end up marrying another person. It means you have a divine heart to forgive and forget the past and fface the present.smakati: No."The bestman has shaagged the bride before", that's not the kinda toast or whispering you would want for a wedding.Again if it's not a close friend, then it'll probably be a lot easier. 47Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.Honestly I cannot understand why people need to do such things.

The ONLY instance I can't do that is his relation or brother.But if his friend is in love with me and I feel the same way,he proposes vhooooom! Like wise if my ex decides to date my friend(which has happened and still happening), I no go vex.