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30-Nov-2017 04:33

The Wedding Anniversary Table is well known, but what about couples who are dating?It's common for couples to exchange gifts on the monthly and yearly anniversaries of when they first met, or when they had their first date.So you better believe we are ALL about celebrating the big milestones in your marriage- your anniversaries! Then whenever your anniversary comes around, you will have LOTS of ideas right at your fingertips. For each year you’ll find the traditional gift associated with that year, along with our creative ideas based off the number to make your anniversary as memorable as possible!We Divas often get questions like SO we decided to help everyone out by compiling a list of date and gift ideas for EVERY anniversary milestone. anniversary gift ideas that you can prepare for your spouse, PLUS bonus links to over a dozen ideas to make your anniversary extra special.Our gift experts researched the topic and came up with the table below to help couples find the perfect gift and to recommend ways to celebrate a dating anniversary.

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Then why not make an Exploding Love Box out of paper to celebrate your paper anniversary?Who wouldn’t LOVE receiving a heart-felt love letter every month of the year?Why not make your own newspaper in honor of your paper anniversary?This printable kit includes everything you need to “enroll” your spouse in the Love Letter of the Month Club!

Including monthly stationery, envelopes, and love letter prompts!Along these lines, be sure to consult our I'm Sorry Table if you forgot your anniversary or were late in remembering it.

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