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28-Feb-2017 14:24

Jack is the only out and active bi character I have ever seen on TV who we have watched actually BE attracted to both sexes (rather than just saying “I’m Bi” but showing no indication of it).

And though the show has come to the US, the producers don’t intend to change this, which is a big step forward for American television.

The strongest element to the special abilities story is that each one has limitations and downsides to them.

The girl who can enhance her senses can only do them one at a time and always at the expense of the others.

What makes it so much more unique and compelling here is that the show really delves into the extremes of such a situation. Instead of sticking with the obvious–overpopulation issues and people in extreme pain–the show goes further to look at the legal issues, new hospital procedure, and wider ramifications worldwide.

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The Partners: Adam King- Chris “CT” Tamburello: These two have disliked each other since their Real World season. (CT was disqualified from a prior challenge for punching Adam.) Brandon Nelson- Ty Ruff: Their rivalry is on the weak side.They’ve had an argument or two and faced off in an elimination.

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