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08-May-2017 06:27

In the meanwhile I love to associate with the youth of the Church and to teach little children. They are the most special gift our Father in heaven sends to the earth. The group poses for a smiling picture while overlooking their city and then waits for it to be developed.

“The Church is the most precious thing I have,” says Maria Antonieta Riquelme.

“I know that the Lord sent me to this land because he had a work for me here. The people here carry a beautiful feeling inside themselves. Strangers greet you in the street, and people you don’t even know are always willing to help you.” “I am very proud of my nation,” Luis adds.

“Although it isn’t great in wealth, it is great in spirit.” The white-topped mountains loom behind Santiago like a rising tidal wave of stone, their green foothills spilling steeply down before them into the avenues of Chile’s largest city, where about a third of all Chileans make their home.

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It is a land of incredible sun-high ranges of perpetual snow; cold blue lakes; broad beaches; lush meadowland; fruitful mediterranean fields and orchards; warm pastel skies and wind-lashed steppes; arid moonscapes; flowering hillsides; dense forests; brooding glaciers; and the deep, life-giving sea.Hedged on the east by the towering Andes and on the west by the Pacific, it runs from the moon-dry Atacama Desert on the north to the penguin-dotted silence underneath the world.