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The scrapbook on the dining-room table is unexpected. It’s not as stony or derisive as the one she directed at an obsequious wedding planner, or the guy who runs a historic South Carolina plantation with the aim of “not making slavery more horrific than it may have been,” in Chelsea Does, the four-part documentary series that just premiered on Netflix and explores various fraught topics from marriage to racism. She once asked Drake what was up with him and Nicki Minaj “in a penetration context,” and lightly mocked Justin Bieber on multiple occasions.

You picture Chelsea Handler in her free time enjoying vodka on the rocks, maybe, but never fussing with photo tabs and mounting tape. Biebs even pulled the curtain back to complain that she was asking questions about his dating life that had not been vetted beforehand (as is customary in late night).

These days, though, making people laugh is not necessarily enough, and even the term p.c. Lately, there’s room — arguably, a lot of room — for earnestness in comedy, especially among the critical darlings.

Aziz Ansari grapples with taking his immigrant parents for granted in his Netflix series Master of None. occasionally makes being a middle-aged white guy feel profound.

Her court-mandated DUI class required sharing the transgression with the rest of the room, a prospect that terrified her until she stood up and started cracking jokes about having accused the arresting officer of racism (he was also white).

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When she was 21, two years after moving to Los Angeles, Handler was arrested for drunk driving.

By the end of its run, Chelsea Lately was capping out at about half a million viewers per night, which is a fraction of what the Jimmys do.