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21-Aug-2017 03:22

Breakup sex Breakup sex ("one for the road") is the bittersweet, passionate sex you have with your partner shortly after, whilst, or shortly before breaking up with them (Urban dictionary).Some people consider breakup sex is to be even better than makeup sex.And when we are aware of a sexually aroused person near us, we become horny as well.

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The transfer is possible when a change occurs in the focus of attention under different circumstances.

They often take the attitude of “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.“ Nothing is meaningful except for the present sexual togetherness.

In breakup sex, the excitement stems from experiencing a togetherness that is unconstrained by past and future circumstances.

As one woman said, "Our relationship is that much more secure after make-up sex, in addition to the added relief of being reconnected to my closest companion.

It’s a reminder that even though we can hurt each other, we’re still there for each other." A similar manner of increasing sexual arousal by transferring arousal from a different state is when one partner acts wildly and even sadistically toward the other.

Thus, when the lover focuses his attention on his partner's wisdom, he loves her dearly.

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