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Analyzing the existing literature, Berberovic (2012) claims that sexual compulsivity is characterized by: obsessive thoughts about sexual behavior, loss of control over that behavior, and continuing such sexual behavior despite its negative consequences.Sexual compulsivity was found to be highly correlated to other psychological problems and mental disorders, especially to anxiety and mood disorders, as well as to different impulse control problems (Black, Kehrberg, Flumerfeit, & Schlosser, 1997; Goodman, 1993, 1998; Grant & Steinberg, 2005; Kafka & Hennen, 1999; Raymond, Coleman, & Miner, 2003; Schneider & Schneider, 1996).Sexual compulsivity means any sexual behavior in an individual, persisting over time despite numerous repetitive attempts to stop it, causing clinically significant levels of stress to the individual (Del Giudice & Kutinsky, 2007).Sexual compulsive behavior can be determined as an individual’s preoccupation with sexual thoughts, desires and behaviors, resulting in subjective distress and interfering in social and work functioning.Results indicated positive, significant but low correlations between sexual compulsivity and depression; sexual compulsivity and anxiety; and sexual compulsivity and substance use; whereas a low, negative but significant correlation was obtained between sexual compulsivity and self-esteem. *Corresponding author at: Dragodol 27, 75 000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.The strongest predictor of sexual compulsivity was drug use; two other significant predictors were alcohol and depression. E-mail: [email protected] is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License ( which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.This kind of study is particularly interesting since, in the Balkans, such a phenomenon is not well recognized as problematic and uncontrolled sexual behavior is seen as extremely negative in females, but extremely positive in males, which is also the case in other cultures (Caroll, 2007).

Males were more likely to report addictions to sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, while females were more likely to report chocolate, cigarette and food addictions (Eisenman et al., 2004).

On the other hand, higher rates of sexual compulsivity are expected in lower socio - economic countries (Marshall, Marshall, Moulden, & Serran, 2008; Mmidi & Delmonico, 2001) such are Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Carnes, Murray, and Charpentier (2005) demonstrated that sexual compulsivity (named sexual addiction) simultaneously existed with sexual anorexia, explaining that these sexual behavior extremes are two dimensions of the same problem.

There is strong correlation between stimulant drugs and sex (Brown, Domier, & Rawson, 2005).

Pathological gambling was also found to be highly correlated to sexual compulsivity, significantly higher in male than in female gamblers (Grant & Steinberg, 2005).

The first one is based on the anxiety model and the second on the depression/mood model.

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