Cannabis legalised for intimidating looking people

10-Feb-2017 01:32

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Complex spoke with several African-American entrepreneurs in the cannabis business to get an honest look at what it means to be black in the world of weed. Then I had a eureka moment, that that’s what I was going to do to free me from monetary constraints.The reason I'm here today is because I’ve had a lot of people around me go down for drugs and I've been able to stick and move and stay away from that.Look at cases like Charlo Greene, the former news anchor whose on-air resignation to focus on her advocacy work with the Alaska Cannabis Club went viral in 2014.Since making the career shift from journalism to izm, Greene reports says she's been unfairly targeted and discriminated against by local law enforcement.Investors may love your company and idea, but it's really the story that sells, and only you can tell your story.The investors must hear the passion behind the story, so know how to tell your story. A guy in my network sold an account called Funny Pics Dept for ,000 a few years ago. I immediately started growing a cannabis [social media] account.

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The war on drugs failed, but there's a lot of us who have been taught since infancy, stay away from it, you'll go to jail, you'll die. There's a lot of re-education we must do because we've already been educated with lies.I prepared a business plan and pitch deck, then practiced my pitch with a professional.I called each of the ones who were interested in getting into the industry personally.So now it's time to re-educate our communities with the truth about cannabis, the medicinal qualities, and values that it brings to us as human beings.

cannabis; you have to heat it to a certain temperature in order to release the psycho-active-ness of it.

That’s why I could eat a bud of OG kush and not get high so long as it was never heated.