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Alvi’s investigation takes him first to a ride along with the anti-trafficking unit of the Ministry of the Interior, which quickly turns into the raid of a building allegedly housing sex traffickers.

The raid leads to a few very young-looking women (girls? Over screams and much crying, we are shown a tiny room, barely illuminated by a creepy, red light.

On the floor are a few mattresses and a roll of toilet paper. After the girls have been rounded up, Alvi turns to one of the cops and asks, “Where will you take the girls?

” The cop responds that they will first be brought to the “anti-trafficking department,” then on to the unfortunately named “re-education training department.”And now we have arrived at what Alvi tells us is the “crux” of Cambodia’s anti-trafficking program.

My past experience includes work on complex commercial litigation, international human rights advocacy, education policy, pro bono legal representation, and analysis of CSR challenges in both the private and public sectors.

KHANKE, Iraq — The advertisement on the Telegram app is as chilling as it is incongruous: A girl for sale is “Virgin. It was shared with the Associated Press by an activist with the minority Yazidi community, whose women and children are being held as sex slaves by the extremists.

The ATRO was set up in 2006, in response to concerns that women and children picked up in raids on brothels were, as UNICEF put it in a 2009 report, “not being returned to their homes in a systematic and supportive way and thus were less likely to remain successfully in their own families and communities.” In other words, there was a high degree of recidivism among former sex workers, so the government created the ATRO and charged it with fixing the problem.

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She describes the NGO’s training facility as prison-like — a place in which she was locked without any option of leaving.

She was never compensated for her time in the training program.

VICE claims to have spoken to several other women, all of whom told similar stories. As Kafkaesque as it sounds, there is little reason to doubt that women arrested in Cambodia for sex-trafficking (or even just prostitution) are forced by the government to train for work in Cambodian sweatshops.

Forcing them into the highly stressful and unhealthy environment of the apparel factory is precisely the opposite of what they need. VICE’s reporting backs this up, noting that many of the so-called “reintegrated” women end up moonlighting as prostitutes anyway because they need the money.

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There are plenty of other problems with this program: The arrested women are deprived of their liberty without anything resembling due process; it creates the potential for the emergence of two “classes” of garment workers; factory management can keep wages artificially low by threatening to send workers back into police detention; and so on.According to a short video posted by VICE News last week, female sex workers arrested in Cambodia are being forced into jobs in the country’s infamously inhumane garment industry. The VICE documentary Here’s how the claim arises in VICE’s “The High Cost of Cheap Clothes” mini-documentary, in which VICE founder, Suroosh Alvi, travels to Cambodia’s capital to investigate “what is happening to those swept up in the country’s trafficking crackdown.” The video opens with Alvi reminding us that, although Cambodia is one of the capitals of the sex tourism industry, the country has been cracking down on the sex trade since 2008 when, at the supposed behest of the U.

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