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After the in-character interview in the West End of London, the news presenter back in the studio laughed. Sacha Baron Cohen is getting good publicity for his film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Village scenes were filmed in Romania, and Borat speaks not bits of Kazakh but Hebrew, punctuated by a Slavonic-sounding "Jagshemash!"Just one problem (apart from the film being too long) – isn't Borat, the movie, anti-Semitic?It is surprising how far some Jewish people are going not to be offended by the film.After a screening at the Haifa Film Festival, people got up and cheered.In Kazakhstan, respectable girlies wear veil, yashmak, old fertiliser bags, cover heads, body and limbs. This when British girlies most keen on sexytimes:• When out bingey-drinking. They make sexy-times in lavatories cubicle, on street, in back car (or ox-cart, even). British girlies go on holidays Faliraki, Magaluf, with aim get sunburned, get "off face", get many foreign mens. But if British man is having sexytimes with person who is not a girlie, he not arrested.All other girlies, not dressed respectable, is prostitutes. On contrary, he given contract Channel 4 TV, seat in Parliaments and invitation go swimming with Michaels Barrymore. You telling us British girls only having sexytimes when wearing beer-goggles. In Britain, you get arrested if making sexies with girlies.Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character is a modern-day Alf Garnett, argues Christopher Howse, who hopes people realise it's only satire...In pictures: Borat Watch the trailer Video: Borat sparks Kazakh wrath Borat kissed the man from the BBC on both cheeks and denounced, as "lies from Uzbekistan", the advertisements in newspapers claiming that women in Kazakhstan had equal rights.

All other girlies dress like prostitutes — showing faces, legs, tummies, boobies, botties, all different parts bodies. This causing much confusion with mens from other countries. So now vital information about other aspects British livings.

So much cross when all carp taken from rivers by Polish fish-people for eatings. So, British gives you work, benefits, house and opportunities pursue careers in crime, terrorism, importing sex-slaves — no fear arrest or deportation.

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"To me, as a Jewish person, what he did was subversive," says Naomi Alderman, the prize-wining novelist, "because while he was saying all these things about Jews, he was talking in Hebrew.