Bill nye carbon dating

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Astronomical evidence of the expanding universe agrees. In the case of the Turbellaria, a large, flourishing and beautiful group of free-living flatworms, the fossil record is one big gap — there are no fossils — and not even a Young Earth Creationist thinks they were created yesterday.

Declaring a clear winner isn’t going to happen because both sides are firmly entrenched.The pattern of geographical distribution of animals and plants is exactly as it should be, on the assumption that slow, gradual evolution has taken place on slowly drifting (plate tectonics) continents and islands.Archipelagoes such as Galapagos and Hawaii are textbook examples, but the same kind of pattern is seen the world over.He’s a mechanical engineer by trade, and is executive director of The Planetary Society, the world’s large space interest organization.

He’s also adamant science education is vital if the United States wants to remain a world power.

The mutually corroborating evidence spans zoology, botany, microbiology, bacteriology, genetics, geology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, anthropology, geography… As for Ken Ham’s biblical alternative, Genesis is not accepted as literally true by any reputable theologian or ancient historian.