Big dating fish

20-Jul-2016 04:11

Its roots are deep in tabletop games such as RPGs, card, strategy, board games, etc.They’ve since broadened into the computer game arena.Many gamers have nodded off into a daydream or two about being able to go at some point.

Other goodness that’s in store for you: a library full of all the tabletop gaming you can possibly cram into one weekend, massive gaming industry panels, one helluva big exhibit hall, and probably the single most epic gaming tournament ever.Don’t forget to stop by the Big Fish Games booth and say hi! Location: Boston, MA Dates: Rumored to be March 10 – 12, 2017 Ticket price: – 5 (Check here for registration starting Fall 2016.) Great for: Meeting industry folk, music, playing new console games Photo by nvidia.