Are shane west and mandy moore dating now

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You sold blood to buy a ticket (I know someone who did, and it wasn't me I swear) ... You carried palm leaves to a show to wave around during Hosanna ...

You have several bootleg copies of Ted as Jesus ...

There seem to be various ways that this interview came about, but regardless of how it happened, they reached a good group of folks who had a good interview, and, hopefully, one day we'll all get to see the segment.

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I received a couple of weeks later the Glenn Carter stuff. I was paid back, but terribly disappointed - (November, 2002): I order again from Then I needed some extra help from a friend to get some program that eliminates the "region problem". Well, sorry for the long story, but every single word is absolutely true.. On December 13, 2003 in Ventura, three of our friends, Jenn and Judy Bernbaum (on Ted's right, respectively) and Veth (VJ) Javier (on Ted's left), were lucky enough to have lunch with Ted at the Pierpont Inn, as arranged by newest list member, and RTC co-founder, Karyl Lynn Burns.

You were actually a Tedhead before you were a deadhead ...

Your orthodontist sings O what a friend we have in Jesus every time he checks your braces, because he knows you drove from Oklahoma to Kansas to see JCS on the same day he put the braces on ... You once sent Christmas cards to some friends you new wouldn't be offended that said "Merry Christmas from our family" on the front with a photo of your family and when you open it up there was a picture of Ted with a line that said "and from a man who looks a lot like Jesus" (Sorry Father Lahr) ...

You borrowed the JCS guitar player's tuning instrument to pull the rubber bands from between your back molars so you could enjoy the last half of the show because you were in so much pain! Everyone you know calls you on the telephone when JCS is playing on television and you don't let them know you watch it every morning when getting ready for work ... You cry each and every time you watch and/or listen to the "Gethsemane" part. Being from Dallas, Texas, you're sure if you had just taken a drive past Ft. You contact strangers on the internet to try to connive them out of "all the videos that Ted had any appearance in even if they are really bad". Totally, out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever, you have a dream that includes Ted. You force your poor child (because he has to "mind you") to stand in freezing weather for 45 minutes outside of the theatre in hopes of getting your "Ted-hug". You won't allow anyone to borrow your JCS videotape..."it's mine, and what if something happened to it? You respond to a list with the open-ended question "you might be a Ted-head if..." ([email protected]): ...

Your Mom looks at you seriously and asks "You do know that he isn't really Jesus" ... You drive your friends and family, (who just don't "get it") crazy trying to convince them of what a wonderful human being Ted is. You spend time trying to reach the old friend from 1973/74 that turned you on to JCS in the first place. Worth and hit Ranger, Texas, way back before Ted took off for California, you could have been the present Mrs. (ladies, I'm sure you can relate to this fantasy, ha! You just CAN'T GET THROUGH THE DAY without hearing "Ithaca" at least once before you go to sleep.... Your twelve year old looks at you funny as you are about to put the needle on your 1974 AD album, AGAIN... When the subject of relationships comes up with your children, you know You might be a Tedhead if your kids say, "We know, Mom; You have told us before," as you tell them of how old Ted was before he got married and how he met his wife as an example of how waiting to get married is a good thing... You taped all of Ted's albums onto a cassette so that you can hear them in your car... You record onto a cassette tape your 3 favorite songs from Ulysses over and over again so that you don't have to keep putting the needle back on the a very broad term, and not necessarily an accurate description of everyone's association with Ted.

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What kind of grandfather do you hope to be with Nicholas? He was the patriarch, but he was so fun and smart and would give me quarters. GP: You wanted to be a boxer, but now you're an actor and entertainer. Then I give Nicky a piece of his own dough and he can make it any way he wants. … continue reading »

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