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02-May-2017 03:17

Just over a year ago, North Dakota was producing more than one million barrels of oil per day, more than any state but Texas.

This time around, it seemed, things would be different.

The family moved into a spacious new home five years ago, which they have yet to finish paying off.

Lawrey recently bought Sara a “spendy” new Suburban.

The staff has shrunk significantly as of late—the other full-time salesman, two shop hands, and a secretary have left the company or been laid off.

These once-great moneymakers that drew thousands to the state are now idle, or “stacked,” in the lingo of the oil fields.Early this spring, 16 miles east of a town called Watford City, Dallas Lawrey watched from his trailer as one of his last drilling rigs was taken apart piece by piece. As more and more drilling rigs stack, more and more men like Lawrey worry that they won’t be able to hang onto their jobs. Men wearing steel-toed boots, clear safety goggles, and mud-splattered hard hats were everywhere, driving trucks and moving machinery.