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Blanscet - her husband was the sheriff following E. And, well, that was some 17 or 18 years after he'd gotten out of this jail. But they had a bank there and it was run by a fellow named L. [Rufe could not again recall this name], he was the president of the bank; they robbed it and got six or seven hundred dollars.But he made mention of the JORDAN 8 J: fact, being interviewed and interrogated by the news media in Denver, that the greatest and quickest job he'd ever been connected with in his life was in Pampa, Gray County, Texas, and told when and how much and so forth. Shot up Jim Bryant, if you please, who was one of the greatest men in the south end of the county anywhere. I have some of his butcher knives here in my residence. this portion, part of our state - taking in about four counties, parts of four counties. If you can think of something, perhaps unusually interesting or whatever suits your fancy, we'll just make a nice short interview out of this so you don't have to be bored with another set of interviewers sitting around your house. He was employed by the Furneau Cattle Company for a number of years - one of the largest English syndicates anywhere in the .•.Ride your pony in there and be back by 15, 20 minutes after one." That was just before noon.I was a big fat kid and I said, "You bet." And I took off. In fact, I've thought a lot of Sam Fenberg and Molly both.And had him in jail for quite some­time, but never could get him out .•. Archer just would not identify him; he was scared to. But he was here in this jury room up into the latter part of November and he was a victim of tuberculosis, and had been kept in the jury room up here under strict guard around the clock, and I visited with him a lot. And then we had a bank robbery down in Alanreed, Texas, the first six weeks that Sheriff Ron Blanscet was in jailor was running the jail. Knew no more about a jailor being sheriff than probably when I went in or went out, even, but he was one time champion bulldozer of the world. But when he lost that arm in a shooting accident in the Davis Mountains, why, I guess he couldn't do anything else. He knew just about as much about the sheriff's office ... But anyway, in he went and he did have some very good men and he caught on very quickly himself.In fact, the day that he left here to catch an airplane out of here, he said, "Someday, Rufe, you'll want to shave." And he gave me his safety razor; it's back there now. And the 4th day of February 19 and 31, he'd been in office ••.

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Archer - it does not, of course, now - he 's been deceased a lonq time. It was 19 and 30 - September 1930, I believe, when my father returned Ace Pendleton back to this county, one of the five bank robbers. Graves did not seek re-election - there was 12 or 14 running for sheriff, sought the office - Ron was elected.He wa lked in - 83 or 4 years old, hard of hearing, didn't see good. We're robbing the bank." And he said, "Hang", or something - COUldn't hear - and he shot him.The old gentleman lived right on the highway, right there , and the rest of his days he stood there in his horse lot where he shod horses, his blacksmith shop, and talked each and every Sunday about the bank robbery in Alanreed and his b e ing 'wounded' [Jordan deliberately mispronounces the word] on that particular day. A: Glad to be involved again in one of these interviews and especially one with Rufe. BG: Precious •.• PG: And I'm Precious Gregg, Bill Gregg's wife, with the Institute of Texan Cultures. All right, Sheriff, now we understand that you've been rather extensively interviewed before, and we're going to write down the names of all these books and take 'em back JORDAN 2 BG: to the Institute, and we understand about this tape that Mrs.

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And my father had been with him a number of years, and next ..• well, in other words, he went to work for him as a deputy sheriff soon thereafter.(Laughter) And I've talked to him until I've g iven out but he was a great old man.