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11-Dec-2016 23:46

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Hoping PSB also update their M4U2s at some point, because I'd like a pair of those as well. Videopro have 15-20% off Bose right now.https:// Granted you can find the QC25s cheaper on ebay, but deals do exist, and I've seen Bose fairly cheap on ebay.

Honestly, if the QC35s hadn't been announced, I would have picked up a pair of 25s today. Having said that, I get rather attracted to headphones and trend to use the one set until they die whereas I'm not like that with shoes. Our Quiet Comfort 35 headphones offer the same unmatched combination of acclaimed noise reduction technology, audio performance and comfortable fit as Quiet Comfort 25 headphones.

I plan on visiting the Bose store on Friday afternoon. It's for just under 3 weeks, so will be perfect to road test! Seeing as how the QC35s don't support apt X, I doubt it.

But I suppose you'd need to have a very discerning ear and lossless audio to listen to to hear a difference.

It plugs into your Xbox One wireless controller, putting a backlit keypad and headset audio controls right at your fingertips.

I'm holding off until the next Myer sale as I have 0 worth of Myer points to spend. Maybe others had an inkling but seems pretty sudden (but welcome! So at time of writing that's basically straight up currency conversion. https://com/en_us/pnd-audio/headphones/bose-quietcomfort-35-1322715/review I found this one really good reading, a long time Momentum fan claims the QC35's are better than the QC25's to such an extent he's ready to give up the Sennheisers. There's a Sydney based e Bay seller taking pre-orders with free express post for shipping on the 15th.I think I'll take a trip to the Bose Pitt St store this week for a test drive.

edit: wrong Sony model number I mentioned it in casual conversation to my wife the other day and she told me if I really want them I should buy them. I'm sure she is going to use this as ammunition for something she wants down the track. I've got a trip this Friday, but I won't get them just yet; there's another trip in August I've got that I might buy them for.

Hier geht es zum Download der Adressenliste aller Evangelischen Kirchen im Kirchenkreis.

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