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Between September and November 1938, after two years of an intense anti-Semitic campaign, the Fascist Italian government enacted a body of very harsh anti-Jewish laws: the rules relating to schools and those affecting foreigners, passed in Italy in September, were harsher than those in force in Germany in that same month.One decree concerned the “Aryanisation” of the PNF.The focus will be on the twenty years during which Fascism allowed them to feel Fascist and to be card-carrying members of the PNF.The history of Fascist Jews still awaits to be fully researched in its complexity.' Something about him' Finkel's film, which includes animation of the historic events and is called "Anna and the Egyptian Doctor," brings together relatives of Boros and Helmy and accompanies them to the sites of the families' story.She contacted Boros's daughter, US-born Carla Gutman Greenspan, and through a German producer, Finkel reached Helmy's family in Egypt. Finkel contacted Kotby and told AFP she had "built a relationship based on trust and friendship".This issue of Quest is devoted to the subject of Fascist Italian Jews.

Their studies, however, focus almost entirely on those years and either ignore the fifteen years that went before or deal with them in a few sentences.Her work led her to Helmy's great-nephew, Dr Nasser Kotby, also a physician, who will be travelling from Egypt to receive the honour in his great-uncle's name.